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WAIER Forum 2008: Fellows and Awards

These photographs illustrate activities at the 23rd Annual Research Forum, Saturday 9 August 2008, at Mt Lawley Campus, Edith Cowan University. Digital photography by Roger Atkinson. WAIER Awards and Fellowships presenter Mr Ian Gaynor, President.

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Dr Anne Angelkovska
Joint recipient
The University of Western Australia
[Presentation abstract]
PhD thesis, 2007
The development and validation of an instrument to identify risk of self-harm in children
Photo: Anne Angelkovska
Dr Neil MacNeill
Curtin University of Technology
PhD thesis, 2007
Changing teachers' pedagogic practices: A study of principal leadership
Photo: Neil MacNeill
Dr Carmel Suart
The University of Notre Dame Australia
EdD thesis, 2007
[Presentation abstract]
Nurturing faith within the Catholic home: A perspective from Catholic parents who do not access Catholic schools
Photo: Carmel Suart
Mr Ed Rush
Murdoch University
[Presentation abstract]
MEd (Research) thesis, 2007
A reflective analysis of a transformative pedagogical approach at a rural Thai University
Photo: Ed Rush
Dr Pina Tarricone
Edith Cowan University
[Presentation abstract]
PhD thesis, 2007
Demystification and reconceptualisation of the intricate web of metacognition
Photo: Pina Tarricone

Photo: Christine Howitt
Dr Christine Howitt, WAIER Early Career Award Recipient 2008 (center)
with Dr Lesley Newhouse-Maiden (Awards Subcommittee, left) and Mr Ian Gaynor, President

Photo: Clare McBeath, Fellow 2008
Dr Clare McBeath, WAIER Fellow 2008 (center)
with Dr Phil Paioff (Fellows Subcommittee, left) and Mr Ian Gaynor, President

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