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WAIER invites people to become members. Members can attend the Annual Research Forum and other WAIER events, receive email notifications about upcoming events, have access to a network of other members, and receive notification of the latest Issues in Educational Research (IIER) journal. Membership is free – skip the payment and register your details below.

Do you want to register for the Forum? When you register for the Forum, you will be given a membership. To register for the Forum, please use the payment button below if you would like to pay with Paypal or via credit card. We recommend you make the payment before you fill out the membership/registration form below. Bank transfers (EFT) should be made to BSB: 066155 Account No: 00902153 Account Name: WA Institute for Educational Research Reference: Surname.

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Sometimes an organisation or individual pays for the membership of more than one person. Each individual must still register to be a member. If a member is not paying they must indicate the person or institution that is making the payment.

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