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2003 Research Seminar Program

WAIER inviters all teachers, researchers and educators to the following seminar

Dealing with academic dishonesty at university

Mark Dixon

Monday 14th April 2003, 4.30 to 5.30pm
at UWA Graduate School of Education, Conference Room (2nd Floor)
The Graduate School of Education is located on the corner of Hampton Road and Stirling Highway. Parking is available in Hampton Rd and in the visitors parking area off Gordon Street behind the Education building.

Recent incidents at Australian universities highlight the need for academic staff to be vigilant for academic dishonesty and to deal with it appropriately. This seminar is a workshop to consider the background of this problem and then share ideas on how to best deal with it: We will consider all forms of cheating at university but focus on plagiarism in particular, as it is possibly the most widespread and perhaps the least understood form of academic dishonesty.
Mark Dixon is an occasional lecturer at UWA (where he was given the Excellence in Teaching Award for Economics Commerce Education & Law Faculty in 2001), Curtin Graduate School of Business, Murdoch University, and the Australian Institute of Management. He usually presents topics in e-commerce and computer networks. However, Mr Dixon was asked to prepare a plagiarism policy for the Department of Information Management and Marketing at UWA and did that via a workshop seminar, collating opinion on best practice from several academics in information management, marketing and related fields. The seminar has also been run for the UWA Centre for Staff Development and the Western Australian Teaching and Learning Forum 2003. Each of these workshops have brought new ideas and tactics to the topic and we hope to grow our collective expertise again with this seminar.

RSVP and for further details contact Gail Chittleborough G.Chittleborough@curtin.edu.au ph 9266 3791

Light refreshments will be served and there will be opportunities for discussion and interaction.

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