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2009 Research Seminar Program

WAIER invites you to an afternoon seminar to be held at Curtin University

Wednesday 18 November 4.30-5.30 pm
Curtin University Building 501 (Education) Room 325 (Level 3)

Ticket parking in Car Park 3 and reciprocal university parking in Car Park 5 (green bays).
Map of campus: http://properties.curtin.edu.au/maps/
Light refreshments from 4 pm - discussion till 6.00 pm
Cost: gold coin donation towards refreshments (WAIER members free)

Mentoring: Conceptual, methodological
and practical considerations

Presented by

Dr Susan Beltman

Sue draws on her research and thinking over the past ten years to consider:
  • What is mentoring?
  • How is it related to different conceptual frameworks?
  • How can mentoring relationships be investigated?
  • What role do mentors play and how important are mentors?
Sue will trace her research and thinking about mentoring over the past ten years. Her presentation will begin with a project concerned with mentoring in schools by members of the community, and finish with proposed research regarding a university student peer mentoring program.
Dr Susan Beltman lectures in educational psychology at Curtin University. Her previous career was as a School Psychologist in government and non-government schools in Western Australia and Queensland. Sue's research and teaching has focussed on motivation, social and interpersonal aspects of learning, students at risk, resilience, and school and community programs involving mentoring and role models.

Just turn up or RSVP Eve Ruddock ruddock@iinet.net.au ph 9446 4030

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