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2006 Research Seminar Program

WAIER invites you to an afternoon seminar to be
held at The University of Western Australia

Thursday 21 September, 4.30 to 6.00 pm
Venue: Conference Room 2.34, Education, cnr Hampden Road and Stirling Highway

Visitor parking off Gordon Road. This is a free seminar open to both members and non-members. Light refreshments from 4.00 pm onwards... then time for discussion and interaction after 5.30 pm (Gold coin donation towards refreshments).

Brad Gobby and Glenn Savage


Corporate culture and sexual difference in education

Invited Chair: Felicity Haynes

This seminar draws upon the distinct yet intrinsically linked research of Brad Gobby and Glenn Savage who deliver a compelling challenge to acceptance of the status quo as they recognise the way our Western culture is shaped by the indomitable forces of Neoliberalism.

These two young exciting researchers argue

  • That Neoliberalism, as a conservative force, poses a threat to the aims of critical progressive educators.

  • That there is a need for educators to critically negotiate the discourses that inform their own subjectivities, as a necessary prelude to critically positioning young people in the classroom.

  • That conservative notions of sexual difference in educational debates align with neoliberalism in problematic ways.

  • Escalating corporatisation of popular culture texts, symptomatic of Neoliberalism, radically influences the subjectivities and everyday experiences of youth.

  • Progressive educators must engage in pedagogical 'politics of change' towards positions that challenge the discourses of corporate culture and provide young people with spaces from which to potentially transform their subjectivities.

Brad's research draws upon Deleuze and Guattari and Australian corporeal feminist Elizabeth Grosz while Glenn's work uses a methodological perspective informed by Foucauldian theories of subjectivity and critical autoethnography.

Just turn up or RSVP Eve Ruddock ruddock@iinet.net.au ph 9446 4030

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