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2003 Research Seminar Program

WAIER invites all teachers, researchers and educators to the following seminar

The narrative account: Generating qualitative and quantitative data to develop standards for school leaders

Associate Professor Helen Wildy

Thursday 31 July 2003, 4.30 to 5.30pm at
Curtin University of Technology, SMEC Building 220, Seminar Room
Corner of Townsend and Brand Drive on Curtin Bentley campus. Parking is available in this area. Map of campus is located at: http://www.yourcampus.curtin.edu.au/maps/parking

In this session Helen will discuss her experiences using the narrative account in research. She will describe how narrative accounts are generated, the characteristics of a good narrative, and some of the ways she has used them, particularly in relation to the development of standards for school leaders. In her presentation, Helen will also explore some of the strengths and challenges of this method of dealing with data.

The session may be of interest to researchers concerned in issues of meaning, multiple perspectives, capturing complexity and dealing with dilemmas. The session may also be interesting to those working in the field of standards.

Helen Wildy has recently been appointed Associate Professor of Educational Leadership in Murdoch University's School of Education. Her early career was spent as a secondary Mathematics teacher in Western Australian and Victorian government and independent schools. In the past decade she has taught at the tertiary level in the area of educational leadership and management, school reform and social research methods. Her research interests include school restructuring, curriculum innovation, teacher change, school leadership, performance management, and most recently performance standards and assessments for school principals. She is also the Director of the Australian PIPS (Performance Indicators in Primary Schools) project involving the assessment of on-entry literacy and numeracy of students in 500 schools in 10 educational authorities.

RSVP and for further details contact Gail Chittleborough G.Chittleborough@curtin.edu.au ph 9266 3791

Light refreshments will be served and there will be opportunities for discussion and interaction.

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