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2007 Research Seminar Program

WAIER invites you to a seminar to be held at Murdoch University

Thursday 6 September 2007, 4.30 to 6.00 pm
Staff Common Room (Education & Humanities Building: Room 2.21)
Carpark 4 or 5 (free from 4.15 pm)

Performativity in education: Generative promises, explorations and challenges

Peter Wright

Performativity with its emphasis on process, aesthetics, and embodiment offers an emergent way of thinking about research. This approach foregrounds a social space quality and praxis between aesthetic methods of investigation, reflexive perception, and interpretation. Implicit in this 'performative turn' is the way that arts informed inquiry contributes to both the methods used to 'collect' or construct data, and the way that new knowledge generated by the research can be shared. There also is potential in the forms of text employed, and the interplay of technology and the way meaning is generated. This approach also raises challenges in the way data are ordered and organised, notions of 'showing' rather than 'telling', and consideration of markers of quality. An illustrative online performative presentation will be presented.

Dr Peter Wright teaches at the School of Education, Murdoch University, where
he is valued for his expertise in Arts Education and Qualitative Research methods.

Light refreshments served from 4 pm: open discussion and interaction from 5.30 pm
(Non WAIER members: Gold coin donation towards refreshments)

Just turn up or RSVP Eve Ruddock ruddock@iinet.net.au ph 9446 4030

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