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Seminar archives 2003-2012

This page provides an archival record for seminars conducted by WAIER or advertised to Members, during 2003-2012. For current records, see [Recent seminars]. For records prior to 2003, see: [Seminar archives pre-2003] and [Seminar archives 1984-86: RESEARCH AND ... ]

19 September 2012 Design-based research: Research that makes a difference in education
Presented by Professor Jan Herrington.
20-21 August 2012 It's not just rock n/ roll: Contemporary youth media, music, and critical pedagogy; and
Critical pedagogy and qualitative research: A conversation with Shirley Steinberg
A public lecture and a research workshop presented by Professor Shirley Steinberg,
co-sponsored by Murdoch University and WAIER.
20 June 2012 Pathways into university for international students: Which ways for success?
Presented by Associate Professor Rhonda Oliver.
28 March 2012 Keeping cool: What makes a resilient teacher?
Presented by Dr Susan Beltman and Dr Caroline Mansfield.
21 September 2011 Working to be different: Change for social inclusion
Presented by Professor Brenda Cherednichenko.
8 June 2011 Towards academic excellence: A qualitative study of students, parents and teachers
Presented by Dr Lesley Williams.
6 April 2011 Literature in Australian schools, 1945-2005: A first look at the data
Presented by Associate Professor Tim Dolin and Dr John Yiannakis.
25 August 2010 Explicating and using tacit knowledge in education leadership programs
Presented by Dr Susan Hall and Dr Jane Pearce.
26 February 2010 Individual goals in collaborative learning settings
Presented by Dr Marold Wosnitza, RWTH-University Aachen, Germany.
18 November 2009 Mentoring: Conceptual, methodological and practical considerations
Presented by Dr Susan Beltman, Curtin University of Technology.
22 October 2009 Gender inclusivity and early childhood science education
Presented by Becky Holtham and Kate Abbott, Curtin University of Technology.
10 April 2008 Engaging higher education teachers in reflective teaching practices using an online tool: A PhD study. Presented by Jack Seddon, Edith Cowan University. [ Summary of main points ]
21 November 2007 Selecting criteria to evaluate qualitative research methods
Presented by Dr Maria Northcote, Edith Cowan University.
6 September 2007 Performativity in education: Generative promises, explorations and challenges
Presented by Dr Peter Wright, Murdoch University.
22 November 2006 Informing Policy through Research
The Hon Julie Bishop MP, Federal Minister for Education
21 September 2006 Corporate culture and sexual difference in education
Presented by Brad Gobby and Glenn Savage, and chaired by Felicity Haynes, The University of Western Australia.
19 October 2005 Trust and method
Presented by Bruce Haynes, Edith Cowan University.
8 July 2005 Challenges in longitudinal studies in educational research?
Presented by John Ainley, Australian Council for Educational Research
27 Oct 2004 Mental? Written? Calculator? The choice is yours
Presented by Dr Paul Swan, Edith Cowan University.
20 Sep 2004 The ethics of educational research
Presented by Dr Felicity Haynes, The University of Western Australia.
22 Apr 2004 Artistically-based approaches to educational research
Presented by Dr Peter Wright, Murdoch University.
11 Sep 2003 Anti-bullying skill building for primary school children: An intervention trial
Presented by Stacey King, Curtin University.
31 Jul 2003 The narrative account: Generating qualitative and quantitative data to develop standards for school leaders Presented by Assoc Prof Helen Wildy, Murdoch University.
14 Apr 2003 Dealing with academic dishonesty at university
Presented by Mark Dixon, The University of Western Australia.

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