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Public lecture
Monday 20 August 2012, Murdoch University, Rockingham campus
It's not just rock n/ roll: Contemporary youth media, music, and critical pedagogy

As baby boomer educators approach retirement, we must rethink generational differences and attitudes in working with today's youth. In this lecture, Steinberg discusses "new youth," consumerism, and how critical pedagogy allows new spaces to create a critical youth studies. Most current school curricula and parenting does not account for the lived world experiences of youth of the 21st Century. How can we facilitate an emancipatory and critical approach to working with, respecting, and facilitating a transformative youth studies movement in our society?

Research workshop
Tuesday 21 August 2012, Murdoch University, South Street
Critical pedagogy and qualitative research: A conversation with Shirley Steinberg

In this workshop Shirley asks: What makes qualitative research critical? Drawing on her recent book Critical Qualitative Research Reader (2012) (with Gaille Cannella) Shirley explores the political, theoretical and practical implications of 'criticalizing our qualitative work'. The workshop is designed to engage emerging and established scholars in the complexity of doing critical research around questions like: What are the underlying forces of power influencing society? How does this power work? How does power influence the ways we conceptualise research problems and determine methodologies? In response Shirley draws on a range of perspectives among them: postcolonial and subaltern studies, feminisms, poststructuralism, cultural studies, and critical race theories. The workshop also examines the use of language, discourse practices and power relations that prevent more socially just transformations in educational research and practice.

About Shirley Steinberg
Photo: Shirley Steinberg
Shirley R. Steinberg PhD is the Director and Chair of The Werklund Foundation Centre for Youth Leadership Education, and Professor of Youth Studies at the University of Calgary. She is the author and editor of over 35 books in critical literacy, critical pedagogy, urban and youth culture, and cultural studies. Her most recent books include: Kinderculture: The Corporate Construction of Childhood (2011); Teaching Against Islamophobia (2011); 19 Urban Questions: Teaching in the City (2010); Christotainment: Selling Jesus Through Popular Culture (2009); Diversity and Multiculturalism: A Reader (2009); Media Literacy: A Reader (2007); the award winning Contemporary Youth Culture: An International Encyclopedia; and The Miseducation of the West: How Schools and Media Distort Our Understanding of the Islam World (with Joe L. Kincheloe) (2004). She recently completed Critical Qualitative Research Reader (with Gaile Canella, 2012).

A regular contributor to CBC Radio One, CTV, The Toronto Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette, and The Canadian Press, Shirley is an internationally known speaker and teacher. She is also the founding editor of Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education, the International Journal of Youth Studies, and the Managing Editor of The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy. The Project Leader and Director of The Paulo and Nita Freire International Project for Critical Pedagogy, she is the co-organiser of the International Institute of Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership. Shirley is committed to a global community of transformative educators and community workers engaged in radical love, social justice, and the situating of power within social and cultural contexts, specifically involving youth.

Lecture and workshop photos

Photo: Introducing Shirley SteinbergPhoto: Shirley Steinberg's presentation

Photo: Shirley Steinberg's presentation

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